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Zhongtai Group is established in 2000, locates in Shijiazhuang. We are an ISO9001 certified pipe making machine and cold rolled section steel forming machine manufacturer,reputed enterprise in China’s pipe making industry with the largest production capacity, the most advanced technology and strongest competitiveness , one of the executive directors of China Cold-formed Steel Structure Association and one of China's top ten pipe making machinery brands. There are three subsidiary companies respectively carry out technology development, production processing and mould manufacturing. Plant area 67000㎡ , with machining, heat treatment and assembly plants.


We are specialized in designing and manufacturing ERW pipe making machine, high speed precision pipe mill, API pipe mill,cold rolled open section steel production line,stainless steel welded pipe making mahcine,slitting line,etc. we have successfully developed Φ20-Φ720 high frequency straight welded pipe production line, LW100-LW2200 multi-functional cold rolled section steel / welded pipe production line, ZJ100-ZJ2200 slitting line, etc.


We insist on “over-investment” in technology development. We have created four generation of ZTF forming technology for round pipe and direct square forming technology for square and rectangular pipe,saving a lot of cost on mould for customer.

Know more about ZTF forming technology and Direct square forming technology

We are constantly working to improve our production technology and introduce new types of equipment,which push us successfully developed:

China’s First Directly Square to Square Straight Welded Pipe Production Line.

China’s First Welded Pipe Production Line using“ZTF Forming Technology”.

China’s First Multi-functional Welded Pipe Production Line.

China’s First Broad Steel Sheet Pile Equipment

China’s First Stainless Steel Production Line Specialized for Railway Rail.

China’s First API Pipe Production Line for High Grade Steel

China’s First Straight Seam Welding API Pipe Production Line with Max OD 720mm

We have a complete pre-sales and after-sales service team. We supply the best technical solution according to customer’s production requirement. An after-sales team of 50 engineers has a global footprint and is ready to protect your production.


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