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​High Technology Expertise ---ERW Pipe Mill

High Technology Expertise ---ERW pipe mill

Our company has been successfully recognized as HNTE --high technology expertise.

Our company always insists on technology R&D.

We have many advanced technology,such as :

ZTF forming technology --for round pipe production line,in breakdown section, there is no need to change rollers.
Direct square forming technology--for square and rectangular pipe making machine,one set of rollers can produce all pipe sizes in the range. There is no need to change rollers when changing different pipe sizes.
Round to square forming technology with rollers common used in sizing part--generally, for round to square forming technology, one set of roller can only produce one pipe size. With our technology, rollers can be common used in sizing part. It saves lots of time for roller changing time.
And our machine design acquire many patents.

We have more than 25 years of experience for designing and manufacturing ERW pipe mills / tube making machine / tube production line / API pipe line,etc.

We looking forward to receiving your further inquiry regarding our products. And having the opportunity to discuss more on technology.



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