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API Steel Tube Mill Manufacturers

We are API steel tube mill manufacturers ,an ISO9001 certified pipe making machine and cold rolled section steel forming machine manufacturer,reputed enterprise in China’s pipe making industry with the largest production capacity, the most advanced technology and strongest competitiveness ,

Technical flow
Scroll up→ Uncoiler→ Straightening end→ Flattener→ Auto-Shear and Welding→ Horizontal Accumulator→ Strip UT→Forming(ZTF) → H.F. induction welding→ Removing external burr→ Removing inner burr→ Burnishing→ Online Detection→ Seam annealer→ Air cooling→ Water cooling→ Sizing→ Cut off→ Roll table→Flattening Test→ End-facing and chamfering→ Hydrostatic test→Off-line UT test→ Drifter→ inspection→Weighing and length measurement → Coating & Printing→ Packing→ Warehouse

Equipment advantages
1.Successfully manufactured China's largest straight seam API pipe production line with Max OD 720mm

2. Apply to high strength steel and big thickness

3. ZTF forming process save roller up to 60%

4. Electric control and automatic adjustment, high precision,high roller change speed


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