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API steel tube mill suppliers

ZHONGTAI Group’s API steel tube Mill from adopts “ZTF” forming technology which is developed by ourselves combined with advanced Japanese FFX technology. The technology has unique advantage that it is no need to change rollers in breakdown section. ZHONGTAI API steel tube Mill will enhance the production capacity, save your production cost to support your market strategy.

Main Technical Parameters is listed as below
1. Raw material: L245,L360,A53,J55,N80 ,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70
2. Round pipe diameter (mm): Ф60-Ф720
3. Wall thickness(mm): 2.0-22.0
4. Working spead (m/min): 30-60

Technical flow chart
Scroll up→ Uncoiler→ Straightening end→ Flattener→ Auto-Shear and Welding→ Horizontal Accumulator→ Strip UT→Forming(ZTF) → H.F. induction welding→ Removing external burr→ Removing inner burr→ Burnishing→ Online Detection→ Seam annealer→ Air cooling→ Water cooling→ Sizing→ Cut off→ Roll table→Flattening Test→ End-facing and chamfering→ Hydrostatic test→Off-line UT test→ Drifter→ inspection→Weighing and length measurement → Coating & Printing→ Packing→ Warehouse

We can design and manufacture pipe making machine according to customers' requirements, welcome to send us your enquiry.




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