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Application of cold-formed steel in construction steel structure in China

As a kind of economical light-weight thin-walled steel, the cold-formed steel has the advantages of light weight and high strength, and is a new and efficient material that is promoted and applied by the state. Foreign studies have shown that the main advantages of cold-formed rectangular tubes (HSS) in construction and other applications are as follows:

        (1) Strength - HSS has a high strength to weight ratio, superior compression characteristics and torsional resistance.

        (2) Appearance - Round, square and rectangular HSS have become a visible part of the house and other architectural designs when used in open air.

        (3) Unity - HSS has a uniform specification, shape, strength and tolerance, and its use is very extensive.

        (4) Simple construction - HSS is easy to bend, form, perforate, twist or drill. Due to the application of improved new technologies, HSS is quick and easy to use.

        (5) Cost efficiency - Because HSS has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, it can greatly reduce weight and reduce costs. The reduction in weight means that the cost of construction, building materials and shipping costs can be saved.

        (6) Durable and sturdy - HSS can be fireproof, anti-corrosive, anti-mild, anti-termite, and cockroach.

        In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, cold-formed steel products will gradually be accepted by the market. Cold-formed square rectangular tubes are used as columns and H-beams for building beams. Their good seismic performance and economic advantages will be gradually recognized and valued, and their development potential in the construction of industrial and residential buildings is great. Many domestic manufacturers are also optimistic about the market prospects of structural cold-formed rectangular tubes and other cold-formed steel products for building structures, and new production lines are under construction. Today's developed countries are our tomorrow. Like hot-rolled H-beam products, cold-formed steel products have a very broad application prospect in building steel structures.


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