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Characteristics and Classification of Cold-formed Steel Products

1. Characteristics of cold-formed steel products

Cold-formed section steel is generally made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip as raw material. Under normal temperature, it is processed by drawing, stamping, bending or roll forming machine to bend into various section shapes.

Now, generally speaking, the cold-formed section steel refers to the cold-formed section steel products produced by continuous roll forming units.

Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

Cold-formed steel products can be achieved, it is difficult to produce thin section with complex cross-section shape by general hot-rolling method; because hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip is used as raw material, the surface of cold-formed steel products is smooth, dimensional accuracy is high, and product length can be flexibly adjusted according to user's needs; product cross-section can be rooted. According to the requirements of use, the structure is reasonable. The cross-section performance (cross-section coefficient) of cold-formed section steel products per unit weight is superior to that of hot-rolled section steel products, which can generally save 10-40% of steel in structure. The construction structure of cold-formed section steel can effectively reduce the structural self-weight of buildings, reduce the foundation, facilitate construction and shorten the construction period, thus reducing the comprehensive construction. It can be used to manufacture mechanical components such as automobiles, tractors, trailers, locomotives, vehicles and agricultural machinery, which can obviously reduce the weight of equipment, save power consumption, and improve the efficiency of transportation and machinery.

The blank material used in cold-formed steel products can be varied. It can not only produce general carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless steel, but also produce various composite metal materials, coated sheets (galvanized and aluminized), coated sheets (various organic plastic coatings) and other cold-formed steel, which can adapt to the requirements. Needs from all sides.

It can be combined with other processing methods, such as cutting, punching, indentation, welding and other processes, to produce a variety of profiles, even parts for direct use, and further improve the added value of deep-processed products;

The operation line of roll cold bending forming unit is simpler, lighter, less occupied area, easier to master production operation, fewer operators, lower cost and higher production efficiency than that of rolling mill for similar products.

2. Classification of cold-formed steel products

There is no uniform regulation or approval for the classification method of cold-formed steel products. Different countries have their own common classification methods, and we do not have the uniform regulation of the country.

Generally speaking, cold-formed steel products can be classified according to their section shape characteristics.

According to the section shape of cold-formed steel products, it can be roughly divided into three categories: open section steel, closed section steel and wide section steel.

According to the specifications and sizes of cold-formed steel products, it can be divided into the following four categories: large section steel, medium section steel, small section steel and wide section steel.

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