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Cold Formed Steel Feature

Cold Formed Steel Feature

Cold-formed steel is made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled strip steel as a blank, which is made of various cross-sectional shapes and sizes. Cold-formed steel has the following characteristics:

  1. Economical and reasonable cross section, saving material. The cross-sectional shape of cold-formed steel can be designed according to requirements, and the structure is reasonable. The cross-section coefficient per unit weight is higher than that of hot-rolled steel. Under the same load, the weight of the component can be reduced and the material can be saved. Cold-formed steel used in building structures can save metal by 38-50% compared with hot-rolled steel, and used by agricultural machinery and vehicles can save 15-60% of metal. Facilitate construction and reduce overall costs.

  2. There are many varieties, and it is possible to produce various profiles and cold-formed steels of different materials with uniform wall thickness and complex cross-section shapes that are difficult to produce by ordinary hot rolling methods.

3. The surface of the product is smooth and clean, the appearance is good, the size is accurate, and the length can also be flexibly adjusted according to needs.
4. It can also cooperate with punching and other processes in production to meet different needs.


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