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Cold-formed Steel Process

In the production of cold-formed hollow rectangular steel, there are currently two different production forming processes. One is to make a circle and then change to a square or rectangle; the other is to make a square or rectangle directly. At present, in the field of rectangular steel tube forming, the most advanced forming technology in the world is directly formed into square and moment. The process of directly forming a square or a rectangle is more advanced than the process of forming a circle and then deforming a square or a rectangle. Rounding first and then square or rectangular process will damage the material of steel strip or coil. The process of directly forming square and moment will not cause damage to the material during the forming process, and can maintain the mechanical properties of the raw materials well. And physical properties to ensure the excellent product. It is understood that a large steel pipe plant in Tai'an, Shandong Province, uses direct forming and moment forming technology, and the forming effect is very good.

In recent years, the market demand for cold-formed steel in our country has been increasing, the application range has been continuously expanded, and the market prospect is very broad. At present, there is an urgent need to develop stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high-strength and ultra-high-strength low-alloy cold-formed steel and ultra-thick, ultra-thin series of difficult-to-complicate cold-formed steel products.


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