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Cold-formed Steel Products Application

Steel sheet piles are widely used in many civil engineering projects, such as: quay engineering, revetment engineering, and large-scale temporary engineering. The use of steel sheet piles has the following characteristics:
        The project is simple and does not require huge construction equipment;
        Convenient construction and fast progress can greatly shorten the construction period;
        According to the specific construction conditions and requirements, the cross-sectional shape and length of the steel sheet pile can be changed to make the design economical and reasonable;
        Because the wall is light, it is advantageous for seismic design.
        Steel sheet piles can be applied to permanent structures and temporary structures.
        Permanent structures are used in docks, revetments, fixed rocks, breakwaters, diversion dikes, buoys, docks, sluices, diversion pipes, foundations, anti-seepage, and retaining walls.
        Temporary structures are used to prevent soil and sand collapse, temporary retaining walls, temporary central islands, and so on.


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