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Development of Pass Design for Cold Bending Roll

The present situation and development of cold roll pass design are still in the semi-empirical and semi-theoretical stage. For example, the selection of bending angle, the determination of springback size and the selection of transition section, there are no satisfactory theoretical and computational formulas to follow. The study of longitudinal and transverse stresses and strains is even inadequate, and some of them can not even be qualitative. In order to improve the pass design level, the roll bending theory needs to be further improved. In the past, calculating a set of more complex pass, the whole design drawing cycle is longer. Whether the design can be used after trial and error, time-consuming, labor-consuming. Therefore, all countries in the world are developing computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of rolls. Computer aided design (CAD) appeared in the early 1970s, and is generally carried out on small and medium-sized computers. In the 1980s, with the gradual improvement of microcomputers, the computer aided design of cold roll pass developed rapidly. China has successively developed computer design and drawing system software for Cold-Formed open and closed profiles and corrugated plate pass, and has been applied.


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