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Development of cold-formed steel production

At present, the main varieties of cold-formed steel in China are: cold-formed rectangular tubes for structures, cold-formed steel for passenger cars, steel for rolling doors and steel windows, welded pipes for low-pressure fluid transport, cold-formed steel for general openings, and cold-formed steel for construction Section steel and various cold-formed profiles with various cross sections have been widely used in construction, machinery, nuclear power, automobiles, railways, agricultural machinery, chemicals, petroleum, refrigeration, food, textile, medical, supermarket, container and other industries and civil industries. In particular, the demand for cold-formed steel in emerging industries is showing a trend of "large quantity and wide area". At present, the number of cold-formed steels made of stainless steel, galvanized sheet, high-strength and ultra-high-low-alloy steel materials in China is very small and needs to be imported; cold-formed steel products with cutting-edge development directions and complex sections, ultra-thick, The series of cold-formed steels have considerable potential markets and broad development prospects. At present, this type of cold-formed steel is still rare in China, and many products are still blank, and some can only be made up by imports. For example, the annual consumption of galvanized cold-formed steel used in luxury passenger cars is at least 3,000 tons. Currently, imported products are mainly used, and demand continues to rise.


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