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ERW API 720x22

Oil and gas pipeline production line is completed and put into commissioning stage

Shijiazhuang Zhongtai Pipe Technology Development Co., Ltd. has designed and produced the straight seam double-sided submerged arc welded straight seam welded pipe production line designed and manufactured by Russia ITZ Company.

The original five-month installation plan was completed two months ahead of schedule with the cooperation of technical staff and Russian personnel of Zhongtai Company. The production line covers an area of 23,000 square meters, including unwinding machine, shear butt welding machine, edge milling machine, forming machine, internal welding machine, plasma cutting machine, external welding machine, sizing machine, flat head machine, flaw detector, hydraulic test. Machines, weighing and measuring machines and other equipment.
The production line is a production line specially designed by Zhongtai Company for ITZ Company. It adopts imported American Lincoln submerged arc welding machine and ZTE molding technology created by Zhongtai. ITZ is the leading Russian pipe production enterprise. This production line is the largest straight seam welded pipe equipment. Pipeline products will be supplied to Rosneft and Gazprom for the construction of oil and gas pipelines.

ERW API 720x22

Zhongtai Company is honored to contribute to the Sino-Russian oil and gas transportation project.

Next, the production line will enter the commissioning phase. Zhongtai Company dispatched an experienced technical team to the production site, and wished the production line to be successfully put into production.


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