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Shear machine:(Pneumatic type)
It is used to shear the head and the end of the steel strip of two steel coil, cutting off the irregular part. Use press plate to press two strip welding by operator

Pneumatic shear   press plate

Spiral accumulator
It is used to storing the steel strip when it is shearing and welding, so the machine can working continuously.
Feeding motor: AC11KW SIEMENS series  Controller: ABB
Storing motor: AC18.5KW SIEMENS series  Controller:ABB
Capacity: About 1000M  Diameter:4M
Spiral accumulator
Forming,welding and sizing machine
Forming machine:  Forming table:30mm
Inner forming stands:60mm  Outer forming stands:60mm
The function of this part is to make the steel strip become to the tube blank by forming rollers

The function of this part is used to finishing the tube blank from the forming machine, so the tube size can meet the physical dimension customer required


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