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ERW Pipe Manufacturing Processs

ERW pipes means ERW pipe manufacturing processs. A plate rolled to become a pipe and welded using Electric Resistance Welding process. Usully for for high diameter.
High-frequency welding is continuously flowing through the workpiece contact surface of the high-frequency current generated by the resistance heating and forging force to impose, so that the workpiece metal to achieve a mutually successive welding method. It is similar to the ordinary resistance welding, but there are many important differences.
High-frequency welding for carbon steel welded pipe production has been 40 years of history. High-frequency welding power power of different material, diameter and wall thickness of steel pipe to achieve a higher welding speed (more than l0 times higher than the the TIG highest welding speed).
Therefore, production of general-purpose high-frequency welding steel pipe has a higher productivity of high-speed high-frequency welding, pipe within the burr removal difficult, and this is also the high-frequency welded steel pipe is not yet for the chemical, nuclear industry accepted one of the reasons. From the welding material, high frequency welding can weld all types of steel pipes. At the same time, the development of new steel grades and shaping the progress of welding methods.


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