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ERW Pipe Mill Line China

ERW Pipe Mill Line is composed of interactive parts such as entrance, rolling mill (forming equipment, welding machine and related sizing equipment), cutting and finishing (quality and inspection equipment). The equipment and functions required depend on the type and size of pipes used for production.

The ERW welded pipe produced by ERW Pipe Mill Line is made of flat metal. The ERW tube is first cold-formed into a cylindrical shape, and then welded longitudinally. Both continuous welded pipe and resistance welded pipe are formed by coiling steel coil into a cylindrical shape and welding along the longitudinal seam.

Zhongtai owns ERW Pipe Mill Line China, and professionals control the production process. As ERW Pipe Mill Manufacturer China, we can produce many types of ERW Pipe to meet your various needs.

So, if you have any demand for our ERW Pipe Mill Line China, please contact us in time!

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