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ERW Pipe Mill Line Zhongtai

Main Features-ERW Pipe Mill Line Zhongtai

1.High level intelligent industrial pipe making machine.
2.Good welding mechanical properties.
3.High finished rate with low product cost.
4.Users-friendly and easy to maintain.
5.Well-structured and complete in specification.
3.Technic process of pipe making machine:
Loading coil→uncoiler→leveling→shearing and butt welding→accumulator→forming→high frequency welding→intermediate annealing→air cooling→water cooling→sizing→cutting by fixed length→end facing and chamfering→hydraulic testing→UT testing→marking→storing

ERW Pipe Mill Line Zhongtai
1.It is endowed with high quality. By taking advantages of same kind machines at home and abroad, our products are popular with customers.
2.Our steel pipe making machine is with long working life.
3.It is easy to control and operate.
4.All of our products are with excellent performance at low cost.


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