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ERW Pipe Production Line

ERW pipe is a round pipe welded by steel plates, which can be used to transport liquid and gas objects such as oil and natural gas.
Usually ERW pipe production line manufacturing ERW pipe needs to go through the following processes:
1. Roll up
2. Uncoiling
3. Shear welding
4. Spiral accumulator
5. Forming
6. High frequency induction welding
7. Deburring
8. Cool
9. Sizing
10. Flying saw
11. Discharge table
12. Inspection
13. Packaging
14. Warehousing
Advantages of ERW pipe production line
1. High production efficiency
2. The machine is high-speed and stable, and the yield is high
3. High accuracy
4. Low loss and low production cost
Zhongtai produces China ERW tube mill, so if you are interested in our ERW pipe production line, please contact us in time!


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