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ERW Pipe Production Line Factory

ERW steel pipe production line: At first, the coil is loaded at the uncoiler, then but-welding the ends of coil, delivering to accumulator. After accumulator, the strip is pulled from accumulator contentiously by fixed speed, is formed to opened-pipe at forming machine, then welded by High frequency welder, deburred, cooled, shaped and sized as round pipe and rectangular&square pipe at the sizing area. Then the sized pipe is straightened after Turkey-head device and then cutt to fixed length by flying saw.

High frequency ERW pipe welding machine tube mill is specialized in producing carbon steel pipe and galvanized pipe. It can be used in the production of handrails, railings, tables and chairs and other pipes. It can be directly and easily extruded into pipes with different shapes, such as round, square, rectangular, shaped and so on, by welding the pipe making machine with mold design.


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