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ERW Welded Pipe Production Line

My company have successfully supplied world-class products and service to over 30 countries and areas around the world, such as: Poland, Spain, Russia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Pakistan, kazakhstan, Ethiopia, etc.

ERW Welded Pipe Production Line

Zhongtai Welded Pipe Making Machine Production Line includes: Uncoiler, Pinching & Leveling, Shear & Welder, Cutting Saw, Straightening Machine, End-Facing Machine, Hydro Testing Machine, Forming & Sizing Mill, Storing Accumulator, Auto-packing Machine and other equipment;  Introduced now:

A: Flying saw with excellent speed-tracking system is for precisely sizing cutting which can satisfy our clients’ needs for length of finished pipe.

Value Highlights:

Reliable mechanical drive

Precisely and effectively sizing& synchronization

Endurable high-speed operation

Low error rate

Human-computer interfaces (HCI) with LED touch screen

Manual adjustment for sizing length, tracking speed, etc


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