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ERW Welded Pipe Production Line

ERW Welded Pipe Production Line Application 

Oil well pipe (casing, tubing and drill pipe, etc.), pipeline, boiler tube, mechanical structure pipe,
hydraulic prop pipe, gas cylinder tube, geological tube, chemical pipe
(high pressure chemical fertilizer pipe, oil cracking pipe) and ship pipe


Step 1: Un-coiler
Function: support rolled plate and strip tension for erw pipe mill production line, by the frame, main shaft, increases of drum, brake.

There are 3 types: pneumatic, hydraulic and manual.

Step 2: Shear & butt-welding

Function: Shear the end of each strip coil, then welding them together, so that pipe making welding machine line can be continue production.

2 Types: Automatic & manual

Step 3:  Vertical Accumulator
Function:  storage strip to keep continue production for the machine to make metel tube.

Type: Vertical

Advantage: easy to operation, low investment. special for small size and light wall pipe

Disadvantage: less storage capacity, crease.


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