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ERW carbon steel tube mill for pipe making machine

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Zhongtai Group is established in 2000, locates in Shijiazhuang. We are anISO9001 certified pipe making machine and cold rolled section steel formingmachine manufacturer, reputed enterprise in Chinas pipe making industry withthe largest production capacity, the most advanced technology and strongestcompetitiveness, one of the executive directors of China Cold-formed SteelStructure Association and one of Chinas top ten pipe making machinery brandsThere are three subsidiary companies respectively carry out technology development, production processing and mould manufacturing Plant area 67000 mfwith machining, heat treatment and assembly plants


The production speed can reach 120m/min, and the product errorless than 0. 5%. The molds can be replaced within 3 hours and thspeed is fast


forming technology can save 60% of roll costdirect square technique can be used to produce all the square pipeswith one set of moldsThe multi-function unit is compatible with round pipe, square pipe andcold-bend steel wire


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