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ERW50 Tube Mill Suppliers

We enforce “over-investment” in technology development. we've got created four generation of ZTF forming technology for spherical pipe and direct sq. forming technology for sq. and rectangular pipe,saving loads of price on mould for client.

ERW50 high frequency longitudinal welded pipe assembly line / pipe creating machine / tube mill is meant to supply welded pipes of 20mm-50mm in OD and zero.8mm-3.0mm in wall thickness, further as corresponding sq. and rectangular pipe.

Products: GI, steel and chrome steel tubes for scientific discipline, construction, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries.

ERW50 Tube Mill Suppliers

Equipment blessings
High production efficiency, line speed can be up to 120m/min.

High yielding, the machine works stably at a high speed, which improves the yielding of products.

Low wastage, low unit wastage and low production cost.

High accuracy, diameter error is only 0.5/100 of the pipe OD.


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