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Erw Tube Production Line Factory

Erw Tube Production Line

High frequency welding machine is a strip as raw material, after uncoiling, molding, high frequency welding, sizing, straightening, cutting off a series of pipe forming process to produce complete sets of equipment or a variety of circular steel tube steel pipe line.

Erw Tube Production Line

uncoiling→shearing and butt welding→material accumulating→flattening→forming system→high frequency induction welding machine→inside and outside burr removing frame→water cooling system→sizing system→leveling system→speed testing→Turkish frame→saw cutting→running out table

Erw Tube Production Line Application
Water pipe, Heating pipe low-pressure process pipelinelow pressure fire fighting pipeline, Sewage Pipes, Steel ScaffoldingPie We and able procon e al po el Pendal Steel pes Decoraton Pipe O&Gas Pipes


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