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Erw Tube Production Line Suppliers

Erw Tube Production Line Suppliers,welcome to contact us.

High frequency fastening machine could be a strip as stuff, when uncoiling, molding, high frequency fastening, sizing, straightening, setting apart a series of pipe forming method to supply complete sets of kit or a range of circular steel tube steel pipe line.

Roll forming is employed to form the strip cold bending into spherical billet, and also the fastening seam is extruded to make spherical tube by high frequency heating. varied normal tubes and sq. tubes square measure created when filler.

Erw Tube Production Line Suppliers

We area unit manufacture and commercialism company.we have associate practised team for understanding the foremost appropriate style and production arrange for the machine that you simply area unit attending to book with North American nation.We welcome you visit North American nation and check machine by yourself in our works.we provide technical support on line additionally as overseas services by skillful technicians.We area unit manufacturer, and that we welcome customers to go to our works. For special product style and develop, we have a tendency to request you bring a chunk of testing material, you'll be able to check on our machines on-site .


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