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High quality pipe carton tube making machine

High quality pipe carton tube making machine,welcome to contact us.

ERW720X22 API Longitudinal WeldedPipe Production Lineocation: RussiaTime: January 2018Description: This project is Chinas largeststraight seam welded pipe production line independently developed by ShijiazhuangZhongtai Pipe Technology DevelopmentCo., Ltd.. It adopts ZTF technology and double-sided submerged arc welding for the pro-duction of API pipes

300x300x16 Direct Square formingpipe lineLocation: Hebei ChinaTime: May 2015Description: This pipe line adopts our ad-vanced direct square forming technologywith generation Il. It realizes that one set ofroller can produce all pipe sizes, and rollerposition adjustment is controlled by motor,greatly saving production cost



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