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High speed welded pipe making machine successfully put into production

Four sets of high-speed welded pipe making machine with 130m/min have put into operation successfully.  The buyer is Weichang Square pipe factory, the largest steel pipe factory in South China. So far, they have bought 20 sets of welded pipe making machine from Shijiazhuang zhongtai Pipe Technology Development Co.,Ltd..
What is high speed welded pipe making machine:
High speed small size precise straight welded pipe machine is specialized for manufacturing small size straight welded pipe for metallurgy, construction, transportation, machinery and vehicle industries.

Taking long steel strip with certain width as raw material, to produce steel pipes according to requested size by cold rolled forming&H.F. inductive welding method.

High production speed, over 130m/min, high accuracy, diameter error is only 0.5/100 of the pipe OD.
Advantages of high speed welded pipe making machine:

1. High production efficiency, line speed can be up to more than 100m/min, far more than common pipe machine.
2. High yielding, the machine works stably at a high speed, which reduces wastage and improves the yielding of products.
3. Low wastage, high production efficiency and high yielding create low unit wastage and low production cost.
4. High accuracy, diameter error is only 0.5/100 of the pipe OD. Far more accurate than common machine, which promotes the competitive power of pipe production.


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