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How To Daily Maintain Welded Pipe Making Machine

The large-scale application of welded pipe making machine is inseparable from its advantages. But if you want to improve the production quality of welded pipe making machine, it is necessary to do the debugging and daily maintenance of welded pipe making machine. So how should it be maintained?
1. First of all, the operation of the welded pipe making machine must comply with the operating regulations. The operator must not touch the mold during the operation of the unit, and pay attention to placing the hand in the direction of the pipe to avoid improper operation that may affect their health. In addition, the operator of the welded pipe unit should pay attention to check whether the lubrication points of the unit are in place before operation, otherwise, pay attention to adding some lubricating oil to ensure the unit can operate and work normally. Pay attention to the use of some high-temperature-resistant synthetic composite aluminum-based grease during the use of the welded pipe unit, so as to avoid damage to the welded pipe unit.
2. Pay attention to adjusting the one-way valve of the flying saw in the welded pipe making machine, and pay attention to keeping the production speed of the flying saw trolley and steel pipe synchronized, so that the saw blade can be effectively prevented from being damaged.
3. In daily work, we should also pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance of welded pipe making machine, and timely understand the performance of welded pipe making machine. If there is a failure, we must pay attention to timely corresponding measures to repair.


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