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Pipe Making Machine Suppliers

ZHONGTAI GROUP has been specializing in supplying various pipe making machine since our establishment in 2000. we are proud to say that we have earned our market situation as leading pipe making machine manufacturer with the strong ability of designing,developing,production capacity and service.

One comment type of API tube mill pipe making machine is introduced as below:
API pipe mill making machine is specialized for manufacturing straight welded pipe for petroleum and gas pipelines. Taking hot-rolled steel as raw material, it produce required pipes through cold roll forming and suitable welding methods like H.F. welding,

Applied material:  L245,L360,A53,J55,N80 ,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70

Production line advantage:
1. Successfully manufactured China's largest straight seam API pipe production line with Max OD 720mm
2. Apply to high strength steel and big thickness
3. ZTF forming process save roller up to 60%
4. Electric control and automatic adjustment, high precision,high roller change speed


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