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Prospect of cold-formed steel production technology

(1) Strengthen the development of cold-formed steel application market. The application market of cold-formed steel in China has great potential. Compared with the wide application of cold-formed steel products abroad, many users who can apply cold-formed steel products in China have not yet adopted them. This is also a favorable condition for further developing the application market of cold-formed steel products. It is worth noting that in recent years, some foreign-funded enterprises have built many sets of cold-formed steel production lines in coastal areas of China and gradually entered the domestic market. This shows that there is a good cold-formed steel market in China, on the other hand, it also strengthens the urgency of vigorously developing the cold-formed steel product market. Give full play to the role of trade associations according to the characteristics of market economy, strengthen research, information exchange and coordination, and give full play to the overall advantages of the industry. When building or rebuilding cold-formed steel units (plants), it is necessary to determine the direction of products, give full play to their own strengths, open up new market areas, and avoid the adverse consequences of rushing up.

(2) Accelerate the transformation of the old cold-formed steel units. At present, although there are more than 300 sets of cold-formed steel units, many of them have been operating for many years. Some of them are relatively simple when put into operation, and can not meet the production needs of high quality and multi-variety products. In order to meet the market demand, technical transformation of these equipment is imperative.

(3) Digest and absorb advanced technology from abroad, and produce high-level cold-formed steel unit equipment in China. Taking the introduction of various types of cold-formed steel units with different characteristics as an example, combined with the situation of our country, a new type of cold-formed steel unit equipment urgently needed in our country is manufactured to meet the needs of the market and create good conditions for the continuous development of new cold-formed steel products.

(4) Develop deep processing of cold-formed steel to increase the added value of products. Cold-formed section steel is the secondary processing product of strip steel, but it is far from the user's use, there are different processing procedures, some processes in the cold-formed process, can be linked up, integrated, so that not only can provide users with directly usable parts or semi-finished products close to the application, convenient for users, Reducing production cost can also increase the added value of cold-formed steel products and increase the economic benefits of cold-formed steel production plants.

(5) Pay attention to the research of cold bending forming theory and actively promote computer-aided roll profile design. As for the theory of sheet metal bending, many experts at home and abroad have written a lot of works. Of course, it still needs continuous improvement and development, as well as a large number of experimental research to cooperate. The close combination of these works can not only improve the theoretical research level of cold bending forming in China, but also promote the development of computer aided roll profile design of cold bending section steel. On the basis of the existing achievements, the relevant universities, scientific research departments and enterprises continue to work together to provide users with practical and reliable computer-aided roll profile design software for Cold-Formed steel, so that the roll profile design of cold-formed steel in China reaches a new level.

(6) As soon as possible, the revision of the existing national standard for cold-formed steel will be included in the plan. In order to meet the needs of production and development, the existing problems in the national standard of cold-formed steel are revised accordingly. According to the need, some new national standards for cold-formed steel products are added to make it play a real role in promoting production and application.


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