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Raw materials for the production of cold-formed steel

  1. Types of raw materials commonly used in the production of cold-formed steel
           Since cold-formed steel is widely used in various industries, the raw materials used include many varieties, such as ordinary carbon steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, low alloy steel, atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel, and coated materials (galvanized). Plate, aluminized plate, etc.), color coated plate, copper, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and the like.
           The specific varieties, grades and corresponding standards of various types of raw materials are as follows:
           Carbon structural steel
           The commonly used carbon structural steel grades are: Q195, Q215, Q235, etc.;
           High quality carbon structural steel
           The grades of commonly used high-quality carbon structural steel are: 08, 10, 08F, 08Al, etc.;
           Low-alloy steel
           The commonly used low alloy steel grades are: 16Mn,
           Weather resistant steel
           Commonly used atmospheric corrosion resistant steel grades are: (GB4172 weathering steel for welded structures specified) 16CuCr, 12MnCuCr, 15MnCuCr, 15MnCuCr-QT; (GB4171 high weathering structural steel specified) 09CuPCrNi-A, 09CuPCrNi-B, 09CuP; WISCO Enterprise Standard: Automotive Weather Resistant Steel 09CuPCrNi, 09CuPTiRE)
           Container steel
           The steel grades for container steel are: NSF345 (instead of Japan SPAH), NSF390 (instead of Japan NAW50), J335 (instead of Japan SS34), and J490 (instead of Japan SM50A);
           stainless steel
           Commonly used stainless steel grades are: 1Cr18Ni9 (AISI-302, JIS-SU302), 0Cr18Ni9 (AISI-304, JIS-SU304), 1Cr18Ni12 (AISI-305, JIS-SU305), 0Cr17Ni12Mo2 (AISI-316, JIS-SU316), etc. ;
           Plating material
           In the roll forming, generally, a material for general use and mechanical occlusion processing property, a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet having a zinc layer weight of 100 to 350 g/m 2 ;
           Color coated board
           Color coated board surface coatings are: acrylic, polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyvinyl chloride-plastisol, organosol and PVC film;
           Copper is a material that is easy to roll and bend, and commonly used includes copper, brass, etc.;
           Aluminum alloy
           Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, excellent processing properties and beautiful appearance. Commonly used in roll forming are pure aluminum, aluminum-manganese, and aluminum-magnesium;

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