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Slitting Unit Knowledge

Slitting Slitting unit on the one hand, it contains a lot of knowledge, so we can not relax and sloppy in this aspect of learning, the following small series to introduce the slitting Slitting unit and its related knowledge. Slitting machine, which can also be called slitting machine, slitting machine, is a kind of metal slitting equipment, and its application is very many. Slitting machine classification, there are many, but here will not elaborate, but to elaborate on other aspects of knowledge.
1. Preparation before production
(1) The production plan should be checked, mainly including steel grade, specification and weight.
(2) Whether all operation switches are in zero position. Check that there is no problem, then turn on the main power supply, and then turn on the oil pump in the hydraulic station.
(3) Check the transmission system and hydraulic system to see if the switch action is normal. If there is any abnormality, it should be handled in time.
2. Safety production regulations of longitudinal shear
(1) Before entering the workshop, personnel shall wear labor protection articles to ensure their own safety.
(2) When the equipment is running, the operator should keep a certain safe distance from the equipment to prevent danger or accident.
(3) When the driving roller is pressed down, the operator should not put his hand on the upper end of the equipment to prevent danger.
(4) After the use of the equipment, necessary maintenance work should be carried out, which is generally a weekly small inspection and a monthly major inspection.


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