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Stainless Steel Pipe Mill Supplier

High frequency welding machine is a strip as raw material, after uncoiling, molding, high frequency welding, sizing, straightening, cutting off a series of pipe forming process to produce complete sets of equipment or a variety of circular steel tube steel pipe line.

Roll forming is used to make the strip cold bending into round billet, and the welding seam is extruded to form round tube by high frequency induction heating. Various standard tubes and square tubes are produced after sizing.

We are Stainless Steel Pipe Mill Supplier,We insist on “over-investment” in technology development. We have created four generation of ZTF forming technology for round pipe and direct square forming technology for square and rectangular pipe,saving a lot of cost on mould for customer.We have a complete pre-sales and after-sales service team. We supply the best technical solution according to customer’s production requirement. An after-sales team of 50 engineers has a global footprint and is ready to protect your production.

Stainless Steel Pipe Mill Supplier

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