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Stainless Steel Pipe Mill for Sale

Stainless Steel Pipe Mill,if you need our products,welcome to contact us.

Step1: Uncoiler
Uncoiler the function is to support and expand the strip, so strip can enter into machine to roll forming. Strip can be expanded by hydraulic or pneumatic and uncoiler can be rotated 180 degree. Strip expand speed can be adjusted, braking device designed with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder to press the brake rubber block
Step2: Shear & end welding
It is used to shear the head and the end of the steel strip of two steel coils, cutting off the irregular part then welding two steel strips, so machine can work continuously. 
Step3: Accumulator
Installed between shear & end welder and forming mill, horizontal spiral accumulator store a large amount of strip in a reasonable footprint space to give enough time for shear & end welder to cut and join the ends of two successive coils with non-stop tube mill
It has vertical cage type accumulator for small size tube mill
Step4: Forming
The function of this part is to make the steel strip become to the tube blank by forming rollers


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