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Stainless Steel Tube Mill Manufacturers

we are stainless steel tube mill manufacturers,if you need our products,welcome to contact us.

Advanced machine equipment,with inside weld on-line flattening device,bright annealing with argon protection both inside and outside,make sure the pipe weld smooth with silver white color,can endure greater fluid pressure.


Pipe making mahcine consists of 6 parts.

1.Uncoiler stage :is also called feeder,which is mainly used for placing raw materials.

2.Forming machine and welding machine stage :Including two parts of forming and welding,mainly the steel strip on the loading rack is introduced into the forming welding unit through the feeding guide device and the argon arc welding machine is welding and forming.

3.Grinding stage :After welding,there will be a high weld on the surface of the pipe ,so the weld will be polished by the grinding unit (there are three grinding head) to make the surface smooth and flat.

4.Sizing and straightening stage :After the pipe is basically shaped,the pipe diameter and bending degree need to be fixed by the straightening set,otherwise there will be problems such as insuffcient roundness,square degree and pipe straightness.

5.Fixed-length cutting machine :After the pipe is made the cutting machine is ready to cut ,it is usually cut once every 6m,of course it can be cut once at 4m or 5m,this requires you to set it youself.

6.Unloading table :After the pipe is cut to length the lower rack rack is needer to place the tubes.


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