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Stainless Steel Tube Mill Suppliers

1. Stainless Steel Tube Mill Description
This equipment is specially used for producingΦ19.05-Φ76.2mm, δ0.8-3.0mm high-frequency straight seam welded pipe and corresponding square pipe and special-shaped pipe(δ≤2.5mm). The composition of equipment is from uncoiler to fixed length cutting saw. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within suitable range of pipe diameter and wall thickness.
2. Applicable material:
(1)   Hot or cold-rolled steel strip (As per GB708-88 or GB1591-88)
(2)   Material: Low-carbon steel, low alloy steelδs≤345Mpa, δb≤610Mpa
(3)   The thickness of steel strip: 0.8-3.0mm (As per GB708-88)
(4)   The width of steel strip: 60-240mm
(5)   I.D. of steel coil: Φ450-Φ550mm
(6)   O.D. of steel coil: Φ800-Φ1200mm
(7)   Maximum weight coil: 3000kgs
3. Dimension range of processing steel tube:
(1)   O.D.: Φ19.05-Φ76.2mm
(2)   Square pipe size:   18x18~60x60mm
(3)   rectangle pipe size:15x20~40x80mm
(4)   Wall thickness: 0.8-3.0mm(square pipe and special-shaped pipeδ≤2.5mm)
(5)   Length: 4-8m


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