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Steel Pipe Making Machine Manufacturers

There is different types of steel pipe making machine, according to different process technology and final shaped tube. Here today we’d like to introduce our ZTF forming steel pipe making machine.

ZTF forming steel pipe making machine use unique forming technology developed by Zhongtai Company in 2005, which absorbed advanced technology from both domestic and international.

Main characteristics:
1) Do not need to change moulds in breakdown section, saving about 60% cost on the rolls
2) Roll changing time is cut down greatly, breakdown section does not need to change moulds and just adjust is ok. And it can cut-down producing period.
3) Release labor intensity.
4) Roll forming technology, the caliber is different and propitious for X70,N80 steel strip.
5) The steel strip is distorted and beared more reasonably, to reduce the rub between the strip and roller, and also reduce the waste of the roller.
6) It is easier to restore and adjust roller.


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