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The difference between cold saw and hot saw, ordinary carbide saw

Whether it is a cold saw, a hot saw or a carbide saw blade, it belongs to a circular saw blade, but there is still a big difference between sawing and material cutting. How to make the right use and choice, we must first understand the difference between them?

The aluminum profiles are divided into 1-7 series aluminum materials, and each series contains different materials such as metal carbon and iron, and the hardness is also different. Generally, it is hard to cut 7 or more aluminum materials, and a diamond saw blade will be used.

The cold-cut saw is a metal saw blade that is rotated at a high speed at a high temperature and is quickly cut off, and the cut end face is flat and smooth as a mirror. During the cutting process, the effect of rapid cooling will be achieved, and the internal stress and material structure of the cut section will be avoided. At the same time, the saw blade has little pressure on the steel pipe and will not cause deformation of the pipe wall. It is generally suitable for iron and steel. Black metal cutting of the material.

The hot-cut saw, that is, the ordinary computer flying saw, rotates at a high speed for the tungsten steel saw blade, and the contact welding pipe generates heat to break it, which is actually blown. High burning marks are visible on the surface. A large amount of heat is generated, and the saw blade exerts a great pressure on the steel pipe, causing quality defects in the pipe wall deformation.

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