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Tube Production Line Manufacturer

we are Tube Production Line Manufacturer,if you need our products.pls contact us.

Technology and Service:
1. merchandiser offer full set of technical document, cutter and alternative full document (write in English) for the extrusion machine.
2. merchandiser offer coaching for client's workers till buyer will manufacture the eligible production severally.
3. merchandiser is to blame for putting in, testing, adjusting and debugging the machines in buyer's mill.
4. client ought to pay the expense for our engineers together with for our engineer together with round- means tickets, interior traffic, lodging and boarding fee once the machine is put in, tested and maintained.

5. once putting in, individuals of either side get together well and thoroughly, client provides convenient operating condition, any downside, ought to discuss peacefully and kindly.
6. client offer correct operating tools, equipments and alternative conditions.


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