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Two high-quality Pipe Mill Lines

Zhongtai's pipe mill line adopts mature, reliable, complete, economical and advanced technology and is equipped with advanced equipment to ensure that the pipe mill can reach a relatively advanced level not only in quality and cost, but also in consumption.

Our production lines include ERW Tube Mill Line and API Pipe Mill Line.

1.ERW Tube Mill Line
Our ERW20 high frequency straight seam pipe welding machine/pipe production line/pipe making machine/pipe rolling machine is used to produce welded pipes with an outer diameter of 8mm-20mm and a wall thickness of 0.5mm-1.5mm, as well as corresponding square and rectangular pipes.

2.API Pipe Mill Line
API pipe/pipe factory specializes in the production of longitudinal welded pipes for oil and gas pipelines. The whole production line adopts self-developed "ZTF" molding technology combined with Japan's advanced FFX technology. (There is no need to replace the roller in the fault section)


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