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Welded Pipe Making Machine Export

To analyze the market situation of welded pipe mill, first of all, we should analyze from China's steel pipe industry. Up to now, China's domestic steel pipe industry has developed rapidly for nearly ten years. Starting from 2010, China's domestic steel pipe industry has occupied more than 50% of the world market, of which welded steel pipe accounts for more than 45% Look, at present, China is already a big country in steel pipe production. From this point of view, it is easy to see that China is already a big producer of welded pipe units in a sense, and the current situation is sustained and rapid growth, According to the statistical investigation of relevant departments, it is concluded that the steel pipe industry has reached the level of tens of millions of tons, but in the long run, in the next few years, the global economy will maintain a relatively slow growth trend, so when the overall economic level slows down, the price of welded pipe unit will become more and more normal.

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