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Welded Pipe Making Machine Factory

welded pipe making machine factory,High-frequency pipe welded machinery is that the special instrumentation to product welded pipe of low steel or low steel material, that's feeding the steel belt into the machinery, turning into the tube by forming roller, then mistreatment high-frequency proximity impact and electrical phenomenon to form the tube reach the attachment temperature, and finishing the attachment underneath the compressing roller extrusion, then through cooling, filler and straightening to urge the desired steel pipe.

Welded Pipe Making Machine Factory

Machine features
1) roller shaft diameter is big, amount is big

2) equiped double motors, efficiency is good.

3)  tue making effiency is straightness is good.

4)  reliability is high and  failurate is low.

5)  opeartion is convenient.

6)  computer saw adopts shengyang brand, the quality is the best one in domestic.


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