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Why do we need to maintain welded pipe equipment?

1. To understand maintenance and maintenance, you need to know the general faults of the welded pipe equipment. It is different from the traditional friction. These equipments are also affected by high pressure and high temperature, and sometimes they are corroded. The impact is more in need of maintenance than traditional mechanical equipment.

2, mainly for the sample of the screw is tailored to use the linear vibration of the alignment device, which is very good to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.

3. The square tube machine adopts intelligent temperature control instrument, the shape is very beautiful, and the packaging efficiency is also very high.

4. Within the rated working range, the square tube machine can carry out stepless adjustment, and the good amount of positioning is up and down.

5, the noise is also quite small, in terms of environmental protection has reached the national standards.

ZTF forming techcan save 60%/ of roll costuareique can be used to produce all the square pipesset of moldThe multi-function unit is compatible with round pipe, square pipe andcold-bend steel wire

the largest direct seam welded pipe production line with a diameter ofDigital control saves human cost

Zhongtai Group is established in 2000, locates in Shijiazhuang. We are an ISO9001 certified pipe making machine and cold rolled section steel formingeputed enterprise in Chinas pipe making industry with the largest production capacity.There are three subsidiary companies respectively carry out technologydevelopment, production processing and mould manufacturing Plant area 67000m with machining, heat treatment and assembly plants


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