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Welded pipe Making Machine Manufacturers China

As Welded pipe Making Machine Manufacturers ,100% inspection before shipment,We have strong R&D team, We can design and supply the whole project for you.

Is to roll the steel strip of different sizes to the corresponding tube blanks of straight seam continuously through roll type forming, cage roll forming and FF/FFX forming ,then heated the tube edges to the welding temperature via high frequency induction or contact heating and completed the welding under the extrusion of the squeeze roller, after cooling ,sizing and strightening to be the requested straight seam steel pipe. Mainly composed by the forming section, the welding section, the sizing section, the transmission system and the electrical system etc.

1. Water pipe
2. Heating pipe
3. Low-pressure process pipeline
4. Low pressure fire fighting pipeline
5. Sewage Pipes
6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe
7. Wire and cable protection pipe
8. Structural support Steel Pipe
9. Industrial Steel Pipes
10. Decoration Pipe

Professional Training Service
We shall provide the professional training service for the operation, maintenance and repairing.
We also would send our engineers to our customers' factory for installation and testing.
We shall provide the products absolutely fulfill your requirements and it would be a full



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