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What is the difference between cold saw and hot saw?

Some people often ask on the Internet what is a cold saw? What is the difference between a cold saw and a hot saw? Can the existing hot saw in the factory be rectified into a cold saw? Baidu has a bunch of terms: low saw blade speed, servo motor or DC motor, too lazy to see. Today, Xiao Bian deliberately made a hot saw and cold saw contrast video, I believe you can see it at a glance:

The sawing equipment has always been one of the difficulties of the cold bend line, the failure rate is high, it is difficult to maintain, and the use cost is high. Solving these problems is imminent. Then the cold saw came into being. After years of painstaking research and development and continuous practical application, Kangte cold saw technology is becoming more and more mature. Regardless of the stability or durability of the equipment, including the sawing area of the saw blade, it is well known in the industry. Compared with the hot saw, the cold saw has the great advantage that there is no flash after cutting, and the trimming machine is omitted, which not only saves one machine but also saves labor costs. Save a lot of expenses, the relatively large purchase costs in the early period is believed to be recovered soon. The point is that the boss's peace of mind employees are assured that they will not hide far from each other and even pick up their ears.

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