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influence of soil environment on X70 steel pipe steel

Potentiodynamic polarization measurement was used to investigate tfects of temperature, dissolved ox-ygen concentration and PH on tbehavior of X70 pipe line steel in simulated solution according to the orthogonal

Thehese West -Bast Natural Gas Transmis-sion Proiect with investbillion USD mainly uses X70 pipeline steel. With pipeline of 4 000 km in length, theproject crosses lots of areas,the salty soil arhe Kucerle soil iscal types of wilderneswas assumed alkaline, and the salt content was high. Hence, the pipeline steelswere easy to induce pitt ing corrosion, and initiated the stress cor-rosion to failure.f enyiron-menta factors on corrosion behavior of X70 steelhave a vital practical significance

X70 steel is a kind of high strength material for our equipment to produce oil pipe (API).Welcome to contact us.


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