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pipe mill line manufacturer china

zhongtai are pipe mill line manufacturer,There are three subsidiary companies respectively carry out technology development, production processing and mould manufacturing. Plant area 67000㎡ , with machining, heat treatment and assembly plants.

Cold bending steel welded pipe production line normally need each single equipment, uncoiling, leveling, shearing butt welding, looping, forming, welding, sizing, high frequency, power, speed control cabinet, flying saw, chain control table, platform, etc.Speed and stable operation, achieve the goal of the normal production.
Every stand-alone equipment equipped with control work station, to the corresponding equipment start-stop, adjusted speed running state, two or more interfaces, and obligate output two passive contact, will run or fault signal, the signal to the work station and PLC system at the same time, set the emergency button on the operating table, in the loop, high frequency, flying saw, such as joint fault, any emergency button operation across the park.

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