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slitting line machine manufacturers

Our slitting machine carries out slitting on cold or hot rolling steel, tinplates, stainless-steel, and different kinds of metal that have coated surfaces. it's a helpful slitting machine, wide used throughout the process of home appliances, vehicles, hardware, steel merchandise and additional

slitting line machine Advantages:
1. High cutting quality
2. High utilization rate of materials
3. Stepless cutting speed regulation

Uncoiling Unit


1. many coils is pre-placed on the loading station to enhance operating potency.
2. This uncoiling unit of our slitting line adopts a hydraulic foldable drum, that will no damage to the sublayer of the fabric. it's capable of finishing up tensile uncoiling or manual material unloading, that effectively prevents the fabric from deflecting and scraping.
3. each single-head and double-head kind uncoiling units ar offered.


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