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steel coil slitting line suppliers

 Main benefits of steel coil slitting line

Safe and ergonomic operation, also for the thickest and hardest strips.

High productivity by minimizing down times by means of automatic tools loading, tools changes and exit strapping off-line.

High quality of slit edges, thanks to high precision slitter heads and powerful tooling locking systems.

Only equipment supplier with own design and construction of robot for tooling loading, cleaning, classification and storage of the tools, with unified performance responsibility.

Slit strips braking carriages with specific solutions for each type of material and surface condition: braking rolls (in different configurations), belts bridle, combined systems, vacuum rolls, eddy currents and felts press.

High speed pull through slitting solutions, with no loop pit requirement up to three slits.

Slit strip separation devices, with automatic shafts exchange systems.


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