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tube mill line manufacturer

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Stationary Double Swivel Uncoiler
Heavy-duty fabricated steel base with foundation bolt holes and leveling screws.
Large diameter ring bearing with both thrust and radial capacity.
Main shafts are alloy steel mounted in Timken bearings.
Air operated, water-cooled drag brakes.

tube mill equipment manufacturer
Power rotation by hydraulic motor and pinion gear driving integral gear on ring bearing.
Shock absorber and limit switch used to slow down and stop head rotation.
Power locking pin used to hold location of head in place while coil is paying off.
A.C. gear motor drive for each head for feed-up.
Chain and sprocket drive to main shafts with pneumatic clutch disconnect for pull through operation.
Drum expansion range is 18-1/2" to 24-1/2" standard.


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