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tube milling machine zhongtai

Characteristices and Advantages of Zhongtai rectangle making tube milling machine:
1) Compared with round to square forming technology, square to square technology can make better shapes of angles for cross section, smaller semidiameter of inner arcis, flatter brim, regular outlooks
2) Ease more burden of the whole production line, especially for the sizing section.
3) 2.4-3% strip width shrinkage than round square forming method, so saving more raw materials
4) By advance multi-point bending, avoiding the axial force and side abrasion, reducing the forming step and ensuring the quality, meanwhile reducing power wastage and roll abrasion.
5) By combined rolls, steel pipe making machine in india set mould can be used to produce lots of square and rectangular pipes for different specifications. This can decrease the storage of rolls, save 80% roll costs, fasten the bankroll turnover, shorten developing time for new lines.


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